Valid SSL certificate and insecure website: what to do?

When we browse the web, it is common to see the insecure padlock icon, which is the browser's way of letting us know that a website is going through issues.

Usually, this happens when the SSL certificate is having problems. In this case, you must get in touch with your hosting service or the staff responsible for your website so that they can fix it for you.

However, in some cases, your browser might say that the SSL certificate is valid, but the page still does not show the padlock icon.

Does "Not Secure" mean HTTP? - Information Security Stack Exchange

If that happens, then the problem is your website's configuration and not your hosting service's SSL certificate. What is probably happening is that some elements of your website's features might be making HTTP requests instead of the safer HTTPS method.

However, when we use WordPress, there are ways of solving this issue. The most common one is to use the plugin Really SSL:

  • Just install the plugin and click on Activate SSL, so it does a sweep on all your website's resources to change the ones that use HTTP to HTTPS

  • There is another way of fixing this — though it is riskier. You can use the plugin Better Search and Replace. With it, you can search your page's database for all instances of "http" and change them to "https".

This method offers some risk, since changing values in your database can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.