Importing contacts to Mailchimp

After exporting your contacts from Rock Convert, the next step is to import them into your automation tool. With this in mind, we created a step-by-step guide showing you how to do this on Mailchimp. Ready?

First step

Access your Mailchimp account and click on Lists, on the top menu:

If you don’t have a list yet, simply create one using the Create List button

Once the list is created, just click on the arrow next to the Stats button in the list you want to use and select Import.

Second step

Before actually exporting your contacts, you need to let Mailchimp know the format of the file you exported from Rock Convert, which will always be .csv

Third step

Now that the file format has been informed, you need to import the list that was generated by Rock Convert. To do so, simply click on the Browse button to select the file, and then import it to Mailchimp:

When you’re done, click on Next.

Fourth step

With the file imported, you need to merge the fields exported by Rock Convert with Mailchimp’s own fields. As the tool identifies only the Email and Data parameters that were generated by Rock Convert, some red tables will appear, like in the image below:

Just click on the Skip button on the red tables, and leave only the white ones. After that, click on Next!

Step Five

Now that you’re all set, make sure that everything looks right, and check how the leads will be registered on the platform:


After you finish, click on the Import button and your contacts will be on the list you selected! 😉