How to fix errors 1016 and 522 – CloudFlare

CloudFlare Brasil can show errors that restrict users from certain locations and providers to access websites.

In this article, you will learn how to prevent that from happening!

Identifying the error

The CloudFlare DNS errors we will fix show up like this on websites:

How to fix it

Since those are CloudFlare errors, you need to log in to your account within the domain manager. The login screen can be accessed through here, and you will have to enter your login credentials:

After logging in, a screen with all your registered domains will appear. There, select the domain that is being affected by errors 522 and 1016:

After selecting it, the domain's dashboard will open. Then, click "DNS":

A new screen will open, with your proxy status information related to each subdomain:

In this case, all domains are "proxied". Then, click the orange icon and change it to "DNS only":

All done! The configuration has been made. It will take a few hours for it to propagate and the error disappears.

With this configuration, the SSL Certificate that CloudFlare generates for your domain will stop working. But do not worry: all paid Stage plans give you an SSL Certificate! Just get in touch with our support staff to get yours.