How do I migrate files to my server when Rock Stage sends them?

Migrating your blog files to your server

The 1st step is to download the .zip file that was sent to you by our Team. In it, you will find two folders: one with the WordPress files, and one with the Database (.sql).


Then, for the 2nd step:

  • Delete the wp-config.php file;
  • Rename the wp-config-sample.php file to wp-config;
  • Go to wp-content and delete the mu-plugins folder (if there is one);

After that, the 3rd step is to go to the admin panel of your website and access the CPANEL.


In step 4, you must click on File Manager and then create a folder called Blog. Move the WordPress files that you downloaded into this new folder.


For the 5th step, go back to the CPANEL and select MySQL Database Wizard to create the database.


In the 6th step, head over to the Blog folder — created in the 5th step — and edit the wp-config.php file, inserting:

  1. Database name;
  2. Username;
  3. Database password.


For the 7th and final step, open phpMyAdmin and import the database.


After uploading the files to your server, make sure that the site no longer points to Rock's IP.

To do this, just go to the page where you defined your pointing settings and delete the record that is pointing to our IP.


Besides that, you must check if there is any particular configuration required to host the subdomain on your server.


If you have any questions regarding the technical issues of the server, we recommend that you get in touch directly with your server’s support team.


All done? Then test it out and make sure that everything is working well!


Still need help? Reach us at or through our platform’s chat, and we will help you out!