Widgets: How to create an upload form

To create an upload widget for users to upload content to your site, complete the Upload Builder form.



Media Manager > Widgets > Upload


How To

  1. Select the max number of images
  2. Customize the following fields
    • Upload Button Text
    • Submit Button Text
    • Remove Text
    • Drop Zone Label
    • Title Caption
    • Description Caption
    • Assignment Caption
    • Location Caption
    • Date Caption
    • Credit Caption
    • Email Caption
    • Instructions
  3. Include a link to your Terms of Service
  4. Select the following required fields
    • Title
    • Assignment
    • Date
    • Description
    • Location
    • Email
    • Credit
  5. Once you have input the necessary information, click the "Build It!" button, then copy the code from the code box to the right of the page. That code can be placed on any Web page. 


Note: If you have multiple widgets on the same page, only one can have the upload functionality. In some cases there may be stylesheet conflicts when embedding the widget on your homepage.  Those conflicts can be resolved by adding inline styles.


Additional Information:

  • The upload widget is https compatible.
  • The upload widget can accommodate video sizes up to 2 GB.