Why use the work log?

Understand how the work log tool can assist you in analyzing employee activities and decision-making.

The work log is a tool that counts the number of hours worked on a particular project activity. You should use the work log and encourage its use by the team to obtain information that will be cross-referenced between time spent with each customer, project and task.  With this data, project pricing is more assertive, avoiding losses and ensuring the profit margin you want.

To use it, the person responsible for the activity must be instructed to use the "play", "pause" and "complete" buttons in all activities in Studio.


These buttons can also be used in board, group and list views.


With the data of time spent in each activity, it is possible to have access to the productivity reports of the activities performed - which can help in decision making.

In addition, by knowing how much time is spent on each activity, the manager is able to better organize the processes and workflow. It is also easier to price the services offered by the company as they know which services demand more.


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