When should I allow advanced change for my employee?

Advanced change is one of the most important permissions within the system. Understand its impacts.

The ‘advanced change’ permission within Studio allows the employee to make changes to items that have already been approved in proposals such as work order, internal cost, budget, events, media, and media planning. It also allows changing information after closing the cash flow and opening account balance.

This permission field is coming soon!


To know if your employee needs this permission, you must consider how the workflow is performed. For example, if your agency approves a proposal with 10 items and then needs to include an 11th item in that approved proposal, if the employee does not have the advanced permission, the system will indicate that it is not possible to carry out this procedure.

The same happens when it is necessary to deselect an item in the approved proposal to correct value or other information. Therefore, by giving this permission to the employee, it will be possible for them to check and uncheck items according to what is necessary in the work progress.


In the financial department, when it is necessary to make changes after closing the cash flow or change the opening balance of the accounts, for security reasons, Studio only allows the employee with ‘advanced change’ permission to change this information.


Keep in mind that ‘advanced change’ does not provide the employee with access to areas that were not released for them in the other permission fields.


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