What should I do if my Rock Stage website or blog is down?

Rock Stage's uptime rate is 99,9%. Still, your website or blog could also go down for a while due to incompatibilities with installed plugins, any changes in the domain manager, or similar issues. If that happens, see what you can do to normalize the situation as soon as possible:

The first step to understanding the reason your website or blog is down is checking if its DNS is properly configured to work with Rock Stage. This is because any changes in the domain manager can cause it to be inaccessible until the DNS record is corrected.

To check if your website's DNS configuration is properly set up, you can follow the steps of this tutorial: How do I know if my website/blog is hosted on Rock Stage?

A website that is properly hosted on Stage needs to be correctly configured.

If that is your case and you need help configuring the DNS settings, check here how you can get in touch with our support staff: How to get in touch with support.

If you verified that the DNS configuration is correct, are absolutely sure you are hosted with us, and no changes were made at your domain manager, you can check our System Status page: stage-status.rockcontent.com

Any possible system instabilities will be properly reported on our status page. You can also follow the updates on the solution and normalization.

You can also subscribe to receive e-mail updates on any progress.

Your website's DNS is properly configured and Rock Stage's status page does not indicate any instabilities? Don't worry, we will help you.

Our staff routinely monitors all hosted websites 24/7. If your website is down for any reason, we were already notified, and are working on stabilizing the connection with your website or blog as fast as possible.

You can also get in touch with our support staff (How to get in touch with support) from Monday through Friday, during business hours, to request a report of the incident, the solution and how soon things will go back to normal.