What is the difference between standard and PJBank payments with bar codes?

Unsure about which one to choose? This article will help you decide.

In iClips, we have two possibilities for issuing boletos (form of payment with bar codes): the boleto with standard registration linked to your bank and the boleto from PJBank.

Here, we will explain the difference between the two options.

Besides, with PJBank you can issue it in any bank in which you have an account. For the issuance of standard boletos, iClips has integration with the following banks:

  • Sicoob - CNAB 240 portfolio;
  • Santander - CNAB 240 and 400 portfolios;
  • Caixa Econômica Federal - CNAB 240 portfolio;
  • Sicredi - CNAB 400 portfolio;
  • Itaú - CNAB 400 portfolio;
  • Banco do Brasil - CNAB 240 and 400 portfolios.

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