What is HTTPS?

HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is like having an ID card for the internet, which helps you be sure that a website or blog has an SSL Certificate and is not a copy.

Visitors are safer


The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) feature encrypts the data exchange between your customer's browser and your website. This ensures that no one can spy on what they are doing.

Website/blog performance

Your website/blog's performance improves a few points at Page Speed. Those extra points can be critical to loading your page.


Higher credibility with search engines is another aspect that requires your attention to reach the top results.

How to obtain a SSL Certificate

Website hosted on Stage

Stage customers have SSL Certificates on all plans! It is automatically generated after you finish configuring your domain's DNS.

In case you have any problems with your SSL Certificate, just get in touch with our support staff.

Website hosted elsewhere

Get in touch with your hosting service and inquire about how you can configure HTTPS for your address. Make that request with utmost urgency, so that you do not lag behind.