What are Mnemonics (MNEO)?

Learn how to register MNEOs on iClips

A mnemonic is a 4-character code that functions as a memory aid. It is linked to programs broadcast on television. Therefore, they are necessary for the creation of a media map that involves a TV-type media outlet.

After registering a new media outlet, in the case of a TV type, you need to register the price table. In this same tab, you can register the mnemonic. These mnemonics are usually linked to programs when using the Jovedata table.

To register an MNEO, just go to Settings > Vehicles > Select the TV Outlet, then just go to the Price List tab and select the type of TV media and the space. After that, create the list of programs broadcast and set the MNEO for that program.


MNEO is a very important field for those who buy media space, for example, through Globo Ads.

To assist you, we have selected the main mnemonics of the programs of some Brazilian TV channels:

  • Rede Globo

  • SBT

  • Bandeirantes

If the MNEO for the program you need is not there, be sure to contact the media outlet for that program.

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