What are categories and how should they be set?

Imagine that you have moved into a new house and need to organize all your objects in the best possible way. For that, storage containers were purchased.

The intention is to gather all those mixed objects and separate them according to the type of each one in specific boxes.

Are you excited about your new blog and new content?

So, imagine that your first visitors started accessing it looking for specific subjects, but all the posts were mixed together.

And now? What to do?

Use categories

The categories in WordPress are simply the storage containers acquired to organize the objects. However, their role is to organize all the posts on your blog by subject.

With that, visitors can find their content of interest in a more practical way and the blog becomes more organized. Great, isn't it?

Now, imagine that you have a law blog and need to organize its posts. Its categories could be:

  • Tax law;
  • Civil right;
  • Criminal Law;
  • Labor law.

In each of these categories would be the posts that deal with the respective subjects.

So, if a visitor was looking only for information on Civil Law, it would be enough to access the category "Civil Law" to have access to all related content.

Another benefit is the fact that, when using the categories well, consequently, your blog's positioning in search engines also improves.

After all, that way, finding your content for indexing and ranking will be much easier.

Category vs. tags

A complementary way to organize your content is through tags. With them, it is possible to classify subjects related to the category's theme.

Thus, while categories are responsible for classifying the posts by themes, tags are for classifying the subjects treated within those themes.

For example, in a beauty salon blog, within the category "Hair", we could find in the content some of these tags:

  • Straight hair;
  • Curly hair;
  • Blonde hair;
  • Redheads.

Organizing in this way, the visitor can find exactly the content they were looking for more easily.

You certainly never had a good experience when you were desperately looking for an object that was inside your home.

Can't wait to organize your blog? So let's learn how to add, edit or remove a category.

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