Video FAQs


When does my project officially kick off?

Your Video project will kick off once a Scriptwriter and Animator have been assigned. 

For example, if you entered your Creative Brief on January 1 and your project gets assigned 48 hours later on January 3, your project officially kicks off on January 3.

Because we work hard to find the best team to fit your individual needs, projects can take up to 48 hours to kick off.

Rest assured that you’ll be notified immediately when your project kicks off!


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What are Style Frames?

Style Frames are intended to give you a great idea of what the finished video will look like. They are full-color frames that visualize each main scene in the video. For details regarding transitions and movement, consult the script and your Animator.

See a few style frames from a project below, and check out the finished video - For the Love of Mountains


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Does the Project Cost Include Source Files?

Editable source files are a popular add-on for video projects at $2000.

For video projects, animators determine the right delivery format depending on how you are using the video, often .mp4 or similar. If you have added source files to your video project, a milestone will be added to the timeline to signal the animator to upload them in addition to the selected delivery format.

Contact us if you would like to purchase the source files for your video project.

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