Video Brief Overview

Tell us about your video
The questions in the Video Brief help to convey the goals of your project and how your content will be used. These are the most common questions that pass between the creative teams and clients, so we’ve collected them here to jumpstart the process and gather as much data as possible in order to successfully match you with your creative team.


What is the main point the video is trying to make?
Here is the section that requires the most detail. Anything that will be useful for your team to know -- including anything you’ve conveyed to your sales rep regarding the goal or vision for the video -- please post it here. 


File Types
If you require a specific file type for your finished video, please make note of it in the Main Point section. Keep in mind that editable files (aka source files) are not a part of a video's project scope, but can easily be added at a later date by emailing If you are not sure about what deliverables are included in your video project at this time, contact your sales representative.


Video Styles
Depending on the Tier you’ve chosen, you have a couple subcategories to choose from at this time. If you’ve already reviewed the subcategories- great! This step is a breeze. If you haven't reviewed the categories, see our video style guide.


Reference Designs
In most projects on the Marketplace, clients share examples of visual content they love. Sharing these examples as early as possible and explaining what you like about them greatly increases the likelihood that your animator will nail your design early in the process. To see some examples, take a look at

Posting design examples does not mean that the animator will copy these designs, it just provides a better understanding of what will WOW you!

To sum it all up
More detail in your Creative Brief leads to less confusion, a quick project turnaround, and a great experience for everyone involved. Enjoy your project!