Using the Recent Post Widget

The Recent Post widget is a small JavaScript that can be added to your website. The widget only shows the five most recent posts from your stream. This can be useful when displaying a call to action for your live stream on your homepage. The widget comes with some basic CSS, allowing you the option to still add your own CSS to one of your website’s style sheets.


Dashboard > Any stream > Menu > Setup > Templates
Permission Level
Administrator  |  Developer


The Recent Post widget can display 

  • audio
  • video
  • images
  • text
  • url preview.

The Recent Post widget cannot display 

  • discussions
  • commenting
  • likes
  • content icons
  • social embeds
  • slideshows
  • permalink share post level/event level
  • ads
  • pagination.

Polls are available but will only display results (no bars).


The Recent Post widget has been deprecated in favour of our fully customizable open source API projects. Find these projects here.


Please note, this widget cannot be created through Content Studio. To begin setup, Get our Recent Post widget on Github.