Using Ajax in Your Ion Experiences

Ion Ajax Proxy

Ion's Ajax proxy allows cross-domain (and cross-subdomain) Ajax requests within ion creatives. To use it, simply make a GET request to the proxy and pass a URL-encoded parameter "u". The value of "u" is your URL along with any associated query string data. The proxy then returns the URL's response back.

*Note: AJAX is not just some kind of javascript. AJAX stands for asynchronous javascript and xml and is usually used to make http(s) requests to an API to retrieve more data from a “3rd party source”.

Implementation Example

Ion Proxy URL: 


Sample web service / Ajax call:

Call to the proxy with this sample URL:


And Proxy.aspx will return the response from

*Note that the value of "u" must be URL-encoded -- eg: encodeURIComponent("")

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