Understand the difference between Divide / Replicate and Assess an entry

See how these functions help you when making a financial entry

When creating a financial entry, iClips allows you to share, replicate, and assess the entry value. See how to use each of these features.


When making an entry, you can share the total amount as many times as you need. After filling in the entry data, click on the tab Divide/Replicate/Assess.

In this tab, when selecting the Divide option, you can fill in the field with the Number of instalments you want. Take a look:

Automatically, iClips calculates each instalment value (which can be changed if they are not equal instalments) and gives you the option to select the due date and the competence of each one.

This action generates an entry for each instalment, and so you only have to write it off as payment is made.


This option serves for projections of fixed accounts in the financial sector, such as an electricity bill replicated 12 times for the entire year. In that case, you may repeat this entry for the number of months you will receive or pay this amount.

As in the previous option, you can choose the due date and competency of each replica of that entry. This action generates a new entry for each replica.


The option to assess an entry makes it possible to select several subcategories and stipulate the percentage of the total amount referring to each one.

An example is a recipe that signals, in part, the realization of a project, and the rest is a media commission. In this case, we can have a single entry with different subcategories, a practical way to keep the Income Statement always correct.

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