Tips for Ensuring a Successful Video Project

1. Communicate Effectively
Communication with your creative team is the single most important ingredient in producing great visual content together. Neither you nor the animator can read minds, so ideas, thoughts and concerns that are left un-communicated will not be in the final video. Be thorough, specific, and responsive in your communication.

2. Be Thorough in the Video Brief
The amount of detail in the original brief is directly correlated to how quickly your creative team achieves success. Anything that will be useful for your team to know -- including anything you’ve conveyed to your sales rep regarding the goal or vision for the video -- please post it here.

In most projects on the Marketplace, clients share examples of visual content they love. Sharing these examples as early as possible and explaining what you like about them greatly increases the likelihood that your animator will nail your design early in the process.

Posting design examples does not mean that the animator will copy these designs, it just provides a better understanding of what will WOW you!

3. Trust Your Animator
Trusting your animator often leads to better results. While it's important for you to approve and control the message and style, the animator will have a good grip on the specifics of the design. All animators have created quality videos before. They are experienced and can help you through the process, especially if you are new to animation. If you have concerns, please read #1 again.

4. Respect the Process to Avoid Scope-Creep
Sticking to the official revision process will reduce stress on everyone involved. While you can communicate with the creative team as much as you like, there are two official opportunities to reflect, comment, and make changes to the draft. It is important to be comprehensive for the process to work.

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