Timelines and Deliverables

Pricing for videos is determined by the complexity of animation as well as length. We've categorized videos from least complex to most, and provided examples to help you make the right decision for your project.

All videos have a 35 day automatic timeline, but can be shortened or extended based on your needs- let us know your deadlines so we can include rushes or extensions in the scope.

2D - Iconographic/Typographic/Whiteboard Animation
2D - Character/Illustration/2.5D Parallax Photography
3D - Abstract/Character
3D - Stop Motion/Papercraft
3D - CGI Modelling/Photorealistic


2D - Iconographic/Typographic/Whiteboard Animation
These styles are often referred to as standard motion graphics. They are defined by relatively simple icons or text. These are popular as a budget-friendly way to make an attractive, informative video. Within this level are two sub-categories:

Typographic or IconographicWhiteboard Animation has a completely different look, but we've categorized it in the same complexity level.

Typographic videos use a lot of text throughout the video, and often entire sentences are visualized in text form. In some cases, a voiceover is unnecessary. Here are some examples.

DNS Explained

American Beer Revival

Iconographic videos use icons, often repeated, to represent various elements. These icons are generally not very detailed, otherwise they would be illustrations.

Why do I need a video for my business?

GMO Labeling


Whiteboard Animation


2D - Character/Illustration/2.5D Parallax Photography
This type of video is characterized by animated illustrations of various complexity, and fall into three categories:Character Animation, Illustration, and 2.5D Parallax Photography.

Illustration videos include custom illustrations of the various visual elements that will make up the video, but use many types of visuals, rather than focusing on characters. This style might use characters as a part of a chart, for example, as opposed to characters acting out scenes.

The Violence of Mexican Drug Cartels

How Evolution Works

Character animation focuses on animating characters to echo the message of the voiceover, or play out scenes. 

Proposition 19- The New Leaf


2.5D Parallax Photography videos often use live action footage or photographs. It takes realistic 2D assets and places them within 3D space, to dramatic effect.

The Economy of Disney

The Euro in the Crosshairs


3D Abstract/Character 
3D Abstract videos utilize depth to create images that appear more realistic, and fall into two categories: 3D Abstract and 3D Character.

3D Character is similar to 2D Character Animation, with 3D making it's impact on the visual style. 

Losing Nemo

The Tour de France

3D Abstract is a category meant to contain any other ideas you might have, or visuals that don't fall into the categories of "characters" or "realism" but are still computer generated in 3D space.

Bitcoin Explained

The Economy of Caterpillar


3D - Stop Motion/Papercraft

 Papercraft Stop Motion Video


Fresh Guacamole by PES


3D - CGI Modelling/Photorealistic
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Advanced Comfort, Safety and Features 2015 Kia Sedona


Locker Room