The Invitation Process

So, you are certified in the Visually Marketplace - now what? This guide should provide answers to most of your questions - if a part of our process is not made clear below, please feel free to ask us at!


1. How We Choose Who to Invite
2. Availability and Getting Work
3. Invites
4. Responding to Invites


How We Choose Who to Invite
Marketplace talent is invited to a project based on requirements as determined by the Creative Brief. Talent is selected based on:

  1. Experience (Marketplace as well as general experience)
  2. Expertise (iconography, illustration, sports, medicine, technology, 2D vs. 3D animation etc.)
  3. Our assessment of the quality of their work.

Proven talent will receive more assignments and possibly several at the same time, while someone new to the Marketplace will likely work on one project at a time.


Availability and Getting Work
Proven Talent can expect 1-5 projects a month, depending on role type. While journalists might be able to take on 5 outlines in a month, it's likely that an animator will only work on 1 or 2 videos in a month, with designers falling somewhere in between. Flow is often determined based on our current influx of projects, meaning we can't guarantee any certain number of projects per month.

If you've had a recent availability change or you are planning a vacation - please let us know! This will help us be more efficient with invites and assignments. 

A client kicks off a project by completing the Creative Brief. We use that brief to identify potential talent and send invites. Because we assure clients that projects will be assigned within 48 hours, we usually invite multiple qualified people for each role.


Since everyone we invite has been matched to a particular project, often the first to accept a project is assigned. If you have been assigned, you will receive a separate email. If you accepted a project and don't hear anything else within 48 hours, it's safe to assume that you were not assigned. If you have any questions about a project you were invited to, just send us a note at with the name of the project and your questions.

In some instances, clients will request to work with specific talent. If we don't hear from the requested talent in a reasonable time period, we have to assume that they are unavailable and will assign to another qualified person who accepted.

Once you accept the invite and are assigned to a project, you will gain access to the Project page. All communication, file transfers, and reviews take place in the Project page. Visually provides tools such as the Project Timeline to make sure the project stays on time and on budget.

Responding to Invites
Remember, it's extremely helpful for you to accept or reject any and all invitations that you receive. Rejecting does not count against you in any way - it lets us know that you saw the invite, and gives us valuable information regarding your availability or topics you have zero interest in. You can choose from a preset list of reasons for declining a project, or leave a custom message. 

Alternatively, even if you know that it's likely a project has already been assigned, accepting lets us know that you are available and interested in Visually projects. If project invites go without an answer, it's likely we will assume that you don't have interest in Visually as a whole.