Tabs on your Project Page

While on the Project page, you'll notice several links under the page header: Activity FeedCreative BriefFiles, and Chat History. You'll also notice a left hand navigation that expands to show Projects, Brand Assets and Billing. Let's talk a little bit about how each one works.


Activity Feed
This is where clients and the creative team will spend most of their time, communicating about drafts and feedback. When a draft is uploaded or a message is posted, the rest of the users connected to the project will receive an email notification. See here for more detailed directions on how to post to the Activity Feed.

Creative Brief
This tab allows everyone connected to the project to review the Creative Brief submitted by the client. The Creative Brief is partially editable by the client for 3 days after submitting. Items like the design preferences get locked in when the brief is submitted, but sections that include text are editable.

Brand Assets
This tab is meant for files that will be applicable to all of a client's projects, such as standardized brand guidelines or logos. If a file is uploaded in this tab, it will appear in the Brand Assets section of every project the client's username is connected to.
It's important that files that are only applicable to one project stay out of Brand Assets, since a designer for a different project will see them and possibly become confused.

The Files tab is a record of all the files that have been uploaded to the Project Center, whether uploaded by client, designer, or any other member of a creative team. Clients have the option to upload directly to this page, which will trigger a notification on the Activity Feed.

Chat History
The Chat History tab keeps a record of all your past chats with other team members. 

Navigating to your Workspace and Billing
You can easily navigate back to your Dashboard and Billing (or Earnings if you're a freelancer) pages using the left hand navigation and clicking on the Briefcase or Credit Card icons.