Sharing your Work in the Visually Community

Our terms and conditions grant us the opportunity to share work done on our platform, both on our site and as examples of talent work. When work is posted, it has the potential to appear in the following areas:

  • On the Community homepage 
  • In direct searches on our site, as well as on pages shown through filtering 
  • In search engine results
  • On the appropriate designer or writer profile
  • On the Visually portfolio

With many unique visitors to the site (marketers, creatives, visual content enthusiasts), sharing client work on our site and crediting the appropriate talent can boost distribution and viewership by people interested in this subject or type of work. Posting to the site doesn't guarantee any certain number of views, but it's a simple, free part of who we are and we encourage everyone to take advantage of it. 

We understand that quite a bit of work done through our platform includes proprietary information and is not to be shown publicly - another common scenario is that sharing should only be done after the main release by the client. In the Creative Brief, as well as the final Feedback form, clients have the opportunity to let us know the appropriate release dates, or indicate complete privacy through a custom message.

We take any instructions regarding privacy and release dates very seriously. We will absolutely respect private content, and so will our talent. Posting content that is marked as private carries heavy consequences, up to and including decertification.