Scoreboard FAQs

How fast do the scoreboards update?

Scoreboards currently update every time a play is made or happen.

Notes: All sports show a clock that updates every second regularly except for Rugby & Soccer which displays all plays live but the clock will update every minute.

When do the games show up?

Games show up a few days prior to the season. Please contact us if there are any issues with with updates.

Why can't I select a Scoreboard for an old game?

We only offer upcoming games in the selection currently however, once you select a game you will be able to keep that game on your stream indefinitely.

Why did my Scoreboard change?

Make sure you filter your game correctly by filling in every field.

  1. Select the Sport and Conference (if applicable)
  2. Select the date of the game you want 
    • Note: Most recent game will automatically be displayed
  3. Make sure you select a default team. This is important or else multiple games played on that date will show up on your stream and users may be able to look through them.

How do the filters work?

Filters can be set up to specify a game to display by Sport, Conference (if applicable), Date and Preferred team, in that order. Make sure all fields are selected to ensure the exact game shows.

Note: if multiple games are being played on that date with the filters set, users will be able to shift scoreboards on your live stream.

How do I requests more sports and leagues?

Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager and let us know what Sports are important to you! We are constantly evaluating new sports and scoreboards to add.