Can you explain how customer ratings on orders work, and how it affects my rating?

If an order is rated DNM, do I still get paid? And what happens?

How do your star ratings work and when will I be reviewed?

Will "Met Expectation" ratings negatively impact my rating for orders I complete below my star level?

Can you explain how customer ratings on orders work, and how it affects my rating?

All orders at WriterAccess are rated by customers: Met, Below, or Exceed Expectations.

We use these ratings as part of our algorithm to help with search listings and our manual, periodic reviews of freelancers' work. Met or Exceed Expectations are the goal with each order, and the typical rating we would expect from your work.

Advanced hiring managers pre-flight your samples and portfolio, making the alignment of your skills, work, tone, and voice a better match to the project. Newer hiring managers may not understand how to best articulate what they want and need, making the process more challenging for all.

If a customer rates your order as Did Not Meet expectations (DNM), it means they have approved the order for payment, but the content or the experience didn’t necessarily align with what they had anticipated. DNM ratings may not always be entirely fair or even make sense at times, not to mention frustrating to receive. 

Customers can request revisions to try and raise the quality with you, but may not have the time to document the revision requests. As part of our onboarding program with customers, we really highlight the importance of that back-and-forth process required for success, but unfortunately, not all customers have the time for feedback.

All DNM ratings are reviewed by our Talent Management team at the time of your rising/falling account review. It may be overturned at that time, or ignored as part of your ratings, upon review.

If an order is rated DNM, do I still get paid? And what happens?

Yes. You will be paid if a customer rates an order Did Not Meet expectations. The order was in fact approved, and all approved orders are paid following to freelancers. Funds are available according to the payment schedule or with early withdrawal.

All orders that receive a DNM rating are reviewed by our Talent Team daily, including the notes submitted. Ratings for all orders are archived for consideration when your star rating is up for review.

How do your star ratings work and when will I be reviewed?

All freelancers have an initial star rating assigned to them based on their experience and skill assessment, and that rating can be adjusted periodically based on performance in the platform and customer reviews of work.

Star ratings serve a few purposes for both freelancers and customers. 

For customers, star ratings help to:

-- Find freelancers quickly, with skills aligned with price

-- Surface the better freelancers though the search engines

-- Send Crowd Orders to the right pool of talent

-- Remove guesswork and haggling with freelancers

For freelancers, star ratings offer similar benefits:

-- Confirmation of skill and proficiency

-- Baseline pay rate for project consideration

-- Starting point to negotiate prices and advance

-- Remove guesswork and haggling with customers

Star ratings apply to all freelancers at WriterAccess, including writers, designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, and other freelancers on the platform. And we hand-review all applicants' education, writing and design expertise, knowledge of SEO and social media, and the extent of their online authority.

Freelancers are assigned 3, 4, 5, or 6 stars depending on their profile details, industry experience, and demonstrated writing and design proficiency.

Star ratings are reviewed periodically based on the amount of income you earn in the platform. Please visit My Info and Performance to view a summary of your activity that's reviewed by our team with each review. 

Due to the high volume of freelancers on our platform, star rating reviews are not performed on demand.

Here's a description of star ratings for writers: 

3 Star: The majority of applicants fall into this ranking. Profile and work samples are basic, yet informative. The freelancers may have previous experience. Some 3-star freelancers don't specialize in any one field or industry, but may exhibit a proficient understanding of style and tone. Grammar, punctuation and spelling errors are a possibility with 3-star writing, but they may be balanced by the ability to research and incorporate basic SEO requirements.

4 Star: Freelancers of the 4-star level have engaging samples and valuable experience. Most of these freelancers have experience creating a variety of asset types and also have an understanding of more complex editorial requirements and instructions. Work delivered by a 4-star freelancer should meet the specifications of the order and go slightly beyond to exhibit a more advanced knowledge base or stylistic ability. Grammar, punctuation and spelling errors are rare with 4-star writing, and industry expertise is common.

5 Star: Freelancers who receive a 5-star rating on WriterAccess are typically published content creators with proven abilities. Five-star writers are highly professional and have an expert grasp of the English language. Clients can expect 5-star writers to adhere to deadlines religiously, and produce content with a clear, concise writing style. Some 5-star writers are also experts in a given industry and may specialize in a certain type of writing (technical, PR, copywriting). The 5-star writer also understands the complexities of editorial requirements and always delivers work that meets order specifications.

6 Star: Freelancers at this top-tier level consist of top-tier talent. Six-star writing flows naturally, serving up copious details without careening readers off on tangents or leaving them scratching their heads. Readers feel content with the knowledge gained, not unlike the satisfaction after a good meal. They're also left with a feel-good vibe, and maybe even a chuckle, thanks to the snap, crackle and pop that explodes in the work.

Freelancers' star levels can increase and decrease depending on the algorithmic scoring of completed orders as well as client and blind editor ratings on the platform.

Will "Met Expectation" ratings negatively impact my rating for orders I complete below my star level?

No. Met Expectations ratings are never considered a negative, regardless of your star level. “Met” is the most common rating.