Roles and Responsibilities

Visually Certified Animator
Your animator has been matched to your project based on the animation style selected in your Creative Brief.         


Their role is to take the script as provided by the Scriptwriter (that includes the Animator's input on visuals) and continue through the style frame and animation rounds, ultimately delivering a video that you love.


Visually Scriptwriter
Most video projects include story crafting by a Scriptwriter. They will take any information provided and do research as necessary to understand the angle and subject of the story. Scriptwriters will use a template similar to the one shown here to help ensure that the video is within the length the client has selected.



The Draft Script is the earliest opportunity to review the copy for the voiceover or the on-screen copy (if no voiceover) that will be incorporated into the video. There might be none, some, or all parts of the Visuals column filled out for the Draft Script, especially if the intention is that the visual actions communicate a detail that is not in the VO. The Scriptwriter and Animator, along with client feedback, will work together to develop the Visuals.

The Final Script will be inclusive of any feedback supplied by the client and will provide final copy for the Animator.

Further revisions can be provided, but are subject to hourly rates.