Reporting Basics: Accessing Your Stream's Real-Time Statistics

Live provides a live analytics suite allowing you to track your users engagement with your content in real-time. Our real-time analytics allow you to measure your audience engagement to gain a better understanding of your contents’ performance over time. 

All Live accounts come with our real-time tracking metrics feature. Live also offers an Enhanced Metrics Package, which provides more in-depth information about your event. 

You also have the flexibility to integrate your own third-party metrics system for a more comprehensive understanding of how users engage with your content.

Note: Due to the varying methods in which metric algorithms are calculated, our analytics may differ from your third-party analytics provider. One example of the differences between analytics packages (e.g. Google Analytics) is if someone is watching an event for 30 minutes, Google may assume an individual user is gone, discarding that page view. If audience members are actively watching events without interacting with the content, a large percentage of the event data could be lost. Our wait time differs than that of Google’s wait time, before a page view is discarded. Just the location of the Google Analytics script on your page could make a difference as well.

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Real-Time Statistics

To access your real-time metrics for a specific event, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your stream's Write page and click on Reporting > Analytics, to go to your stream’s Analytics page.
  2. Your page will default to your stream’s Real-Time Statistics.

    The following Real-Time Statistics can be found on this page:

Note: If your stream has been syndicated, your real-time statistics will display metrics with and without syndication.

Post/Comment Statistics

The following Post/Comment Statistics are available on your Statistics page:

Most Discussed Posts

This section displays your stream’s top 5 most discussed posts. Click on the link icon to grab the permalink of your post.

Concurrent Watchers

The total number of users with the stream currently open.

Total Uniques

The total number of times a stream was loaded in a web browser by a unique user. Uniques are tracked by a combination of IP address and a cookie stored on a user’s browser. That is, if a network has one external IP address, but many users, our analytics can still accurately track how many people are watching a stream. This cookie expires after 24 hours and will be counted as a new unique if a user returns to the page after the cookie has expired.

Average Minutes on Page

The average time an individual user has spent engaged with your content. This number is calculated by dividing the total engagement minutes by the total number of page views.

Total Engagement Minutes

The total number of minutes all individual users spent engaging with your content. Seconds are rounded up to the next minute.

Total Page Views

The total number of times a stream was loaded in a browser to date. If a user clicks reload after reaching the page, an additional pageview is counted. If a user navigates to a different page and then returns to the original page, an additional pageview is recorded as well.

Total Likes

The total number of ‘likes’ posts in your stream received.

Unique Users Who Posted/Commented

The total number of users who interacted with your content by posting or leaving comments, whether their comments were added to your stream’s feed or not. This number also includes the number of client users (writers, editors, etc.) that have contributed to the stream in the Live back-end.

Total Posts

The total number of posts made by users in the back-end of your stream (i.e., Writers, Editors etc.)

Total Published Comments

The total number of comments, including Twitter comments, that have been published to your stream. This number does not include comments in moderation, or comments that have been deleted.

Total Moderated Comments

The total number of comments that have not been published to your stream, remaining in the moderation queue. Deleting comments in your moderation queue does not affect this total.

Please contact your Live account representative for more information about our Enhanced Metrics Package.