Registering your customers

Another article to show the importance of complete registrations!

Every detail matters when it comes to Customer Registration! The ideal is to keep the customer's record always complete, so you have all relevant information at hand.

If you already have a spreadsheet with all your registered customers, iClips has a feature that you will surely love: it is possible to import your customer spreadsheet into our software!

And it's pretty easy. Check it out!

1. On the page that shows the list of customers, click on the import button.

2. Then, download the import spreadsheet, clicking on the link indicated in the image below:

 3. In this spreadsheet, you can transfer customer information. Next, you upload the spreadsheet back to iClips, as per the instructions in the image.


IMPORTANT: You must download the template for import, as the spreadsheet format accepted by iClips is different from the standard Microsoft Excel format!

See how easy it is? Now, if this is not your case, and you intend to start the registration from scratch within iClips, it goes this way:

There are two ways to start customer registration on iClips. For the first, follow this path:

  • Click the + button on the left menu.
  • Click on the Customers option.
  • You will be redirected to the following screen.

The second way is as follows:

The side menu will expand, releasing the option to make several entries. Among these options, click on Customer.

By clicking on the Customer option, you will be directed to the following page:

Click the + New Customer button to reach the customer's registration page.

It is on this screen that you will put the main information about your customer! Among all of them, however, the Name and Company Name are mandatory elements to complete the registration.

In addition to these two essential pieces of information, there are some other items that you should consider filling out because it will help you a lot in future actions in our software! Are they:

  • Project model: facilitates the opening of a "Project" for this customer. Its benefit is to standardize pertinent information to the customer, such as briefing questions, parts input, and tasks. For example: if for a given customer I always do job creation and management of posts on social networks, I can create a Project Template and leave it selected in the register.
  • Customer restricted to the Service / Assistant / Followers: when this item is checked, only the service, the assistant, the followers (if any), and people marked in the tasks and parts of the job will have access to that customer's information. The only people who do not lose sight of that customer are Finance and those who have the iClips Administrator permission.

You can select this option as the image below indicates:

After filling, save to proceed to the other items in the register. Oh, and you can also turn a customer into a supplier if he also provides services to the agency!

The Address tab is especially relevant if you are going to generate invoices through iClips. Without this information, the note will not be sent. A very nice detail is that you just need to know the customer's zip code and most of the information appears on the screen, and the rest you can include if necessary!

On the Complementary Information screen, you enter exclusive customer information, such as account data, exclusive discounts, combined billing type, condition, and payment date, among others. We also include the Products and Services, and Sector of each customer.

Contacts are the people who most talk to the customer service/assistant.

When the agency uses iClips iJob, it is on this screen that the login and password for the customer access goes. When we check the option "Can you open a job for the group?", it means that the customer's contact, in the case of a group, can open a job for all of them.

The Monthly Fee is the place where you include your contract with the customer. On this screen, you fill in the contract data and also can attach one that already exists. If you want, you can create a contract on iClips by filling in the Description field. There, you can also define payment terms, such as date, amount, and method of receipt. Thus, the information already arrives correctly for your financial team! Remember that the entries only appear on the Pre-billing screen if the option Approved by the customer is checked.

The Budget is the value your customer allocates for a specific campaign. Its value is filled in on this screen and will appear in the project opening. The Budget can also be followed by the customer registration screen and in the Budget Management report.

Customer Profile is one of the most relevant parts of this registration. In it, we insert the most crucial information. You can include the life of that customer in there! Information that can help to keep that customer always by your side.

In the Comments tab, it is possible to describe something related to that customer that is relevant. In addition, you can mention a person within iClips to direct the comment to them. To do this, just use the "@" and the person's name. It is also possible to attach photos or documents.

In History is all the information we have filled in so far regarding the customer. They are automatic, which means they appear right after you perform some action within the customer's registration. On this screen, everything that we do for that customer is documented as changes to their registration.

And finally, there is Integration, a section in which you will link your customer's social network and RD Station accounts.

The first step is to check the option “Publish Digital Media” in the Data tab and save. Then go back to the Integration tab and click on the New Integration button. Select the social network and allow access to the customer's page. There, now it will be possible to publish directly through iClips on social networks.

To release the integration tab, contact our CS via the iClips chat :)

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