Pull In an Instagram Image or Video From a Real-Time Search

Live makes it easy to include content from Instagram in your streams. Perform a real-time Instagram search from within the Live platform, then publish those Instagram posts to your stream in one simple click.


Dashboard > Any Live Stream > Write

Permission Level

Administrator  |  Developer  |  Editor  |  Moderator  |  Writer


Search Instagram in the Content Studio

1. Go to your stream's Write > Content Studio page and click on the Instagram tab located in the Search Content column.

2. You'll be able to search for hashtags with our integrated Keyword search  


 First time searching in the platform?

 You'll be asked to verify that you're an Instagram Business user. Click here to learn what you'll need to authenticate your account.

3. Type a query in the search box and click Enter on your keyboard. You'll see images and videos that correspond to your search query. Note! Instagram Carousels will not appear in results.
Note: Click the Enter again to refresh your populated results.

4. Find the perfect post?

  • ✔ Click the check-mark to publish the post to the live event, or

  • ➕ Click the plus to move the post into the Moderation Hub.


 Manage your hashtags...

 Instagram limits each user to 30 unique hashtags per week. 

 Be strategic about which hashtags you'd like to use to integrate into your coverage.

Instagram Posts in Moderation Hub  

Once brought into the Moderation Hub, full Instagram embeds (including videos) can be viewed and stored until you are ready to publish.