Project Timelines and Completion Policy

All project types have suggested standard timelines, with fees that cover not only the final deliverable, but access to talent and support staff as well as the Visually Platform.

Project timelines are based on the amount of time needed to complete individual deliverables and have been developed based on the completion and management of hundreds of creative projects. Visually timelines are based on calendar days, but can be adjusted to exclude weekends as requested. The standard and max timelines are listed below

  • Static content and infographics: 14-24 days (maximum 45 days)
  • Videos: 35 days (maximum 60 days)
  • Interactive infographics: 56 days (maximum 90 days)

Every effort should be taken to complete these projects within these timelines. Any changes to these timelines must be agreed upon in writing and may incur additional costs. Should your project need to extend past the max completion time, a fee equal to 20% of the total will be assessed monthly until the project is complete or your project may be closed and considered complete.If the original freelance team supporting your project is no longer available due to an extended timeline, higher fees may apply to cover contract extensions with your team or contracting a new team.