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In this update we have made small improvements in workflow performance, search filters in the financial module, and ...

In this update we have made small improvements in workflow performance, search filters in the financial module, and insertion of the option for the Actual Profit as the tax regime.

What's new?

Added the option to select Actual Profit as the agency's tax regime:
It is now possible to set the agency's tax regime as Actual Profit.

Important: The option to automatically create tax entries is unavailable for the issuance of invoices for the Actual Profit, requiring that tax entries are manually generated for payment of the guide.

It is also possible to issue electronic invoices under this tax regime by selecting only the taxes that need to be withheld in the invoice (an option also available for Presumed Profit).

To learn more about the process of issuing invoices from Studio you can refer to this article here. If you need help to issue invoices, just call our support and send us the XML of the last invoice issued and our team will help you with the first steps!

After this update, the options for withholding federal taxes in the electronic invoice generation mode have been broken down into individual checkboxes allowing more flexibility for tax withholding.

  • Selecting Multiple Service List Items (LC116 / 2003): It is now possible to select multiple items in the field "Service List Item (LC116 / 2003)" in the
    agency master data, as illustrated below:

When generating an electronic invoice, the user can select one of the items saved in the agency's master data, as is already the case with the Municipal Tax Code and CNAE.

  • Added option to choose the system currency: Added an option in the Studio settings to choose the system currency. It is now possible to choose between Brazilian Real (R$), US Dollar (US$), and Euro (€).

This change consists of displaying the currency symbol according to the selected currency, no calculation is made to convert the values in any of the currencies to the imputed values. It does not affect reports and other item values.

Functionalities with new performance: 

Workflow performance improvements: An improvement was made in the performance of editing and using a workflow that has multiple steps. 

  • Changes in the Financial filter: An update was made within the advanced search of the financial filters to allow the entries to be filtered by movements with or without invoices. After this update, the default filter will always return all entries:

Bugs fixed:

  • HTML page breakage: Fixed an occasional internally identified bug when editing a briefing description that was causing HTML errors, resulting in a broken interface for users.
  • Comments no longer disappear after the user is deactivated: Fixed issue related to losing comments from deactivated users in activities. Comments and references of deactivated users will now be kept and displayed in Studio after the user is deactivated.
  • Errors when downloading an attachment/layout: Some internally identified errors related to downloading attachments/layouts from activities have been fixed in this update.

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