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We are committed to making your experience with our platform better and better.

We are committed to making your experience with our platform better and better.

Check out the details of our latest update below:

  • Problems checking invoice status: In some cases, invoices when cancelled only in the municipality webservice do not update their status automatically within Studio. In this update, we have fixed the status of two notes to reflect the same cancellation information from the municipality. You can see how to cancel an invoice from within Studio in this article

  • Improvements in deleting a customer contact: After a customer contact is deleted within Studio, the comments linked to it were being deleted as well. Starting with this update, comments from customer and employee contacts will be displayed and assigned to "Inactive User".

  • Adjustments to insert recurrence into a task: When a task was created with the "+" button and then had its recurrence inserted, the system did not allow the action of saving this activity. You will notice that now the task creation and recurrence by "+" are working correctly:

Other improvements:
Data in the Employee Performance Report is now grouped by the step name instead of the name in the workflow, ensuring that steps are displayed repeatedly in the report. However, the report is still case-insensitive in the step names, so different spellings, e.g. Art/ART/ART, will all be considered as ART. 

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