Competitive Distinction


Can you confirm there is no cost for revisions?

How does the trial work and can I search and review freelancers before I confirm membership?

Please help me understand your business model and proposition?

What benefits do you offer in comparison with the no-fee marketplace competitors like Upwork?

Can you explain your different marketplaces?

What makes WriterAccess different than all the other writer or freelance marketplaces?


Can you confirm there is no cost for revisions?

No additional cost for unlimited revisions. And your delight is guaranteed with each order, or you don’t pay. But we do ask you request at least one round of revisions so our writers learn how to read your mind 😉

How does the trial work and can I search and review freelancers before I confirm membership

Yes indeed. You may sign up for a free trial of the platform, which gives you access to the talent in the marketplace you seek. This includes the Writer, Designer, and Specialty Marketplaces.

Please help me understand your business model and proposition?

There is a fee to access the WriterAccess platform, ranging from $39 to $99 per month. We are confident you'll find the same value from our platform and membership that 40,000 customers have experienced in the last decade, namely fast access to proven professionals who can create and scale high-quality content to grow your business organically.

Our advanced workflow tools and integrations are way beyond the scope of what you'll find in "free" and open market platforms that do not specialize in content marketing. Our talent is experienced and specialized and ready to help you! All you have to do is say the word.

If you are trying to create content for your clients, you have a few different ways to benefit with WriterAccess. You can have clients sign up for their own accounts through our referral program so that you get a kickback from their spend.

Or you can order content for them, have them review and approve the content in the white label portal, and you can then upcharge them for content on your end (we have tools to easily calculate how much you have spent in WA for each client).


What benefits do you offer in comparison with the no-fee marketplace competitors like Upwork?

We'll note a few things that might help make the case to give us a whirl:

There are many great platforms that do not charge monthly fees for writing services. Hats off to our competitors. Very few, however, re-invested in the advanced tools and resources that we’ve developed in the last decade to make the content workflow smarter, better, faster, and wiser.

Our integrations allow customers to publish approved content to just about any platform, optimize content for readers and the search engines, and track content performance.

Our white label solutions help agencies scale content for dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of clients.

And our attitude and commitment to AI as a tool for advancement, not a threat for competition, help us stand out from the pack.

Here are some specifics on the tools you can access through our platform:


No cost for the search tool where you type in a phrase and instantly see most shared, top influencers, and trending content sorted by platform, days, or type. Note this is not the entire BuzzSumo library, but it is a nice piece of the main product we have currently in the platform.


No cost for access to their licensed library we contract yearly for members, with unlimited usage of the images for commercial purposes.

Surfer SEO

Three free trials of their Content Brief Builder, which offers keyword suggestions for any keyword phrase you want to target for a writing project. You review the recommendations, make the final selection, then send to a writer as part of the order requirements.

You can also set the “score” that the writer must achieve when delivering the order, as this “scoring” feature is also included in our partnership agreement with Surfer’s Content Brief Builder.


You can access Keyword Reports powered by SpyFu. Simply drop in your keyword list and domain name, adding Google Analytics as an option if you wish, and get a monthly report on your search engine listing positions. The report includes data like top position gains and losses, and website traffic.

One more thing to note: We're a bit more focused on the content marketing workflow tools that marketers need to engage their customers, and deliver the performance they demand from their content marketing investment.

We've learned that customers looking for high-quality content and content marketing solutions enjoy the specialization in our talent pools and robust tools that help them work smarter, faster, and wiser when it comes to managing the workflow.

You’ll see a few more ways we stand out from the pack if you take a look at the competitive landscape chart here:

Can you explain your different marketplaces?

We have three marketplaces at WriterAccess: the Writer Marketplace, Designer Marketplace, and Specialty Marketplace.

The Writer Marketplace includes:

  • General Writers
  • Blog Writers
  • Copywriters
  • Journalists
  • Tech Writers
  • Legal Writers

The Designer Marketplace is home to:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Animators
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Videographers

The Specialty Marketplace consists of:

  • Content Managers
  • Content Strategists
  • Editors
  • Copy Editors
  • Translators

The Writer Marketplace is our largest pool of freelance talent—all proven, professional writers we’ve hand-screened and vetted for project performance, backed by customer reviews on more than 2 million orders. You can find writers in the United States (most popular), Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

The Designer Marketplace launched in early 2021 and currently hosts a smaller group, eager for projects. LOTS of talented freelancers are in the platform, and we’re working hard to promote their skills and creativity to our customers.

The Specialty Marketplace is also a much smaller group of freelancers we’ve screened and recruited into the platform. Although they make up a much smaller part of our business, they are huge on talent and skills.

What makes WriterAccess different than all the other writer or freelance marketplaces?

This question really gets to the heart of what we offer here at WriterAccess, and why we appeal to so many brands and agencies.

Let me begin by stating that before we started WriterAccess, we were a full-service content marketing agency. We served about 100 enterprise customers each year, including Walmart, The Company Store, Bookstore, SalesForce, Iron Mountain, and many more.

We answered tough questions like how much content does a client need, how good does it need to be, what channels are best to connect with the audience, along with the overall cost of the content and expected ROI for the investment.

We perfected the planning process, plan development, and workflow management necessary to onboard freelance writers, optimizers, and editors to the deliver on the requirements for success.

We took our knowledge and applied it to the WriterAccess model, building tools to pull the answers from customers that writers need to exceed expectations and deliver on goals.

You’ll find at your fingertips:

  • Customer journey map builders, creative brief wizards, buyer persona builders and more.
  • Conference call opportunity with freelancers if needed for more complex project (50 cents/minute).
  • Free voice messaging opportunity with orders to explain project requirements.
  • Nifty white label solutions that allow you to harvest info from your clients to pass on to freelancers.

In short, you’ll be fully equipped to outline exactly what you want, need and expect from any given project—and then find freelancers based on whatever criteria you choose.