Post Streaming Videos

Live makes it easy to include a live video in your stream. Incorporate a Facebook Live or Twitter Periscope video, as well as live streaming videos from other sources.

Dashboard > Any Live Stream > Write
Supported Video Formats
Max File Size

Post Streaming Videos in the Content Studio

To post a live stream into the back-end of your stream:

1. Copy the embed code for the video you would like to include.


Facebook & Twitter

Use the Search Content Panel at the far right to search for live videos on Facebook and Twitter. Simply click the checkmark to publish the live video to your stream.


2. Paste that embed code into Rich Text Editor of the Content Studio and click Publish.


3. The video will display on the front end of your stream:



When posting, keep in mind that the height will not be resized when embedding a live stream video; the height will have to be set before grabbing the embed code, either in the site’s settings or through your own design. Please consult with our support team if you require assistance in modifying your embed code.