Platform Tips & Tricks

Here are some of our favorite little ‘tips and tricks’ amongst the team that changed how things work for us:

Label your containers

Labeling containers is something that is so often overlooked, but can be one of the most helpful and beneficial additions to building a creative. While it’s purely for the back end user, if you have more than one person on your team working on a creative, it creates a clean, easy to use workspace. Here are some great ways to implement labeling:

  • Label viewports. We label which viewports an element is shown in. This is helpful when making edits to a creative to ensure that you are making edits on elements that may be shown only in one viewport.
  • Label hidden elements. If we need to hide an element on a page, for instance, a section that will have more details about a product but won’t be ready for a week after launch, we don’t remove the section. Instead, we label it with ‘hidden’ so that we can come back later and simply check off the boxes when it’s ready to go.
  • Label anchor elements. If an element is an anchor, it’s incredibly helpful to name the container with the same name as the anchor.
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Start from past experiences

When we create multiple experiences for one brand, we typically begin a second build from a previous build. We may pull pages from a Quick Start in, but we utilize the first creative to ensure that the header and footer elements are consistent. In the same way, utilizing a creative that already has the design language established helps when designing the next creative. It ensures designs have similar elements and that headlines, text, and other elements are treated in similar ways.

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Use the rules from a page, but not the design

Something we commonly run into is that we may want to use the rules from a page, for instance, an older creative that has a complicated tracking rule set up. Instead of recreating the rules, we will copy the page from the older creative. Then we use the creative wide feature to copy our new design onto that page. It saves so much time!

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Make your images containers with background images

To achieve a gridded effect with responsive images, we utilize containers with background images. This ensures that the images size correctly throughout viewports without worry.

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Nest reusable elements

In many quick starts, you may notice containers within columns that do nothing more than contain the text within them. There are many reasons that this kind of ‘nesting’ helps when building a creative. Containers can be copy and pasted nearly anywhere on a creative, so containing elements that can be utilized elsewhere within plain containers is incredibly useful.


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