Overview of Analytics

Effective content is content that helps you to achieve your goals. Your content goals could be one of the following:

  • increasing viewers on your digital property
  • increasing user interaction
  • receiving audience feedback
  • getting viewers to click on a certain link
  • getting new followers on social media
  • ...or something else.

No matter your goal, having metrics in place to help you measure the success of your content is important. Live provides 3 levels of analytics to help you to achieve your content goals:

  • Overview - provides insight into overall engagement across all events
  • Content - provides insight into a specific event/stream
  • Audience - provides insight into the people interacting with your content*


*Audience analytics are part of our Enterprise Analytics package



Select a time period and get a snapshot of overall engagement, including your top performing content and a graph of monthly engagement minutes.




Get insight into how many people viewed and interacted with your live stream. Stream-level analytics will provide insight into how much content you posted, how much interaction your content received.




Learn about the individual users interacting with your content. This information can provide insight into your audience's interests and habits, which can help with future content initiatives.