Open Source API Projects

We have created several open source projects using the Live API. These projects were created as a starting point for your API projects, to get you most of the way there. In some cases, the open source projects are production ready and you may just need to add a style sheet.

The Open Source API Projects

Recent Posts Widget

A javascript that communicates with the Live API to get the posts from a specific event. You must be a Live enterprise client with access to the Live API. You will need a valid API Token.

You can pass in various options like how many posts to show and what types of posts to show. You also have total control over how the posts are displayed.

Get the recent posts widget on Google Code

Event Start Notifier

This JavaScript accesses the Live API looking for live events connected to your white label site. If it decides an event has just started it displays a notification on your page linking to the event.

The script can be modified to do whatever you like when an event starts.

Get the event start notifier on Google Code

All Events Page

PHP files that communicate with the Live API to get a list of all of the events connected to a white label site and display them on a web page.

This allows you to fully customize your all events page, and have your events still link to your usual white label site.

Get the all events page on Google Code