On Air: How to create on air segments

The On-Air App allows stations to easily showcase content on-air using the station's scan converter. This application is an add-on to your standard Community Content platform. From the On Air page you can create, edit, play, delete, print, and export on-air segments.

Applications > On Air

How to

To create a new on-air segment follow the steps below.
  1. Click the Add Segment button.
  2. The next step is to add images/videos to your segment.
    • Using the various filters you can target specific content or choose the Advanced Search option.
  3. To add content to your segment, click on the desired thumbnail or hover over the items and select the + sign to add the item to your segment. (Once selected the item will appear to the right in the Selected Items column.)
  4. To remove an item from the segment, click the "x" in the top right corner of the item in the Selected Items list.
  5. The items in the segment can be ordered by clicking and dragging them in the Selected Items list.
  6. Edit the item's information for air. Depending on the field you are mapping to your background graphic, some fields will not display on air and will be hidden.


  • Name: Insert a Name for your segment, like “Snowstorm – January”
  • Air Date: This will allow you to keep track of the different segments you’ve created.
  • Theme: Themes are created by Live, using the station’s graphics. Use the drop-down menu to choose the desired theme. If you would like to access additional themes, please contact us at help@rockcontent.com.
  • Click “Save” to be taken to the main On Air page to play, print, or export.
  • Click "Save and Play" to automatically launch the segment in your browser.

Pressing the “play” button will launch a new tab in your browser. To show this content on-air, you should be using the full screen view of this page through your scan converter. To advance to the next image or video in your playlist, use the arrow keys on the keyboard of the monitor in the control room. You can also save the link of the new tab/window for later use. Since the system saves the segment, you can create a segment at any time for use later in the day. The on-air segment name will also be the browser's title while viewing that segment.


Notes: This feature should be used in Firefox. It is important that before you use this feature on-air, you should browse through all the content in the segment you've created. This will allow all content to be downloaded for quick playback.