Newsletter box in the sidebar

How to add a newsletter box to your blog's sidebar

With Rock Convert, you can add a widget to capture e-mail addresses on your blog's sidebar.

To add the widget, follow the guide below:

1 – Within WP Admin, go to Appearance > Widgets, and then click Capture box| Rock Convert > Sidebar > Add Widget

All done! Now, your blog's sidebar will have a box such as this one:

How to edit the text in your sidebar's newsletter box

By default, Rock Convert's newsletter widget comes with the following settings:

It is quite simple to edit that text. On WP Admin, go to Appearance > Widgets, and then click on the Capture box | Rock Convert widget.

In this form, you can to edit the following:

  • Widget Title
  • Hover text
  • Button text
  • Redirect

In the case of redirect, you can to choose where the user will be redirected to after registering their e-mail address.

This option also allows you to keep the user on the same page, with a success message:

Any further questions? Check here how to get in touch with our support staff!