Account Management

Learn everything about how to manage your account.


Can I change the information on my account?

Yes. Simply go to My Account and My Info to manage your information. Here you can change info that includes your login email, password, localization settings, social login activation, display name, mailing address (for gifts and snail mail communication), billing address, and profile photo.


Can I transfer my account to a colleague?

Yes and no. It depends. If you are an active subscriber paying the monthly membership fee, you can change the primary account email address by visiting My Account and My Info. If you are not an active subscriber paying the monthly membership fee, you can open a help desk ticket for the request and we’ll review the terms and conditions that may limit your ability to transfer the account to a colleague outside of your company domain.


Can I pause my membership?

Yes. You may stop or put your membership on hold at any time, and we will not charge you the next membership fee scheduled for your account. You may re-launch your membership at any time with a simple login. This login is required to re-activate your account with agreement to any new terms, subscription pricing, and conditions.


Do freelancers see my name or company name?

Freelancers will see the information you enter in the “Client” field of your account. You may opt to use a company number or client number if you’d rather not include your personal or company name.