Monetization with Ads

Run of site ads & Channel sponsorship

Ad Positions:

Leader board and footer: 768X90 ad position should be inserted into the custom header html and custom footer html section of Site Appearance. If you're unsure where or how into insert this ad code into the existing HTML, please contact Live.

Siderail: 300X250 ad position should be inserted into the side-rail html section of the Site Appearance



Channel Sponsorship:

A vital aspect to a stations successful use of the Community Content platform is being able to market and profit off of user generating content. Stations have found success selling the weather channel to roofing or snow removal companies, but there is a lot of room for creativity in selling other channels. Some of these sponsorships have brought in as much as $5,000 a quarter for small market stations.

You can place ads or sponsorship information in the Welcome Message, Channel Header and Contest Appearance section.