Moderation Strategy

As media and journalist experts you know the importance of verification when it comes to user generated content but what about moderation? Do you have in place the necessary tools and settings for your content moderation strategy? Through the Community Content by Live platform there are many different tools and features you can use to build a cohesive content moderation strategy. 

  1. Auto-approve. When this feature is enabled, all content submitted will be automatically approved. This feature is enabled/disabled in the Portal section located under Settings.
  2. Manual approval. If the trusted-sender, auto-approve, or whitelist feature isn't activated, submissions will be placed in a content-moderation queue -- click Moderation under the Media Manager section.
  3. Whitelist. Content submitted by a white listed address will bypass the User Content moderation tool and will automatically approve. To edit/add an email address Click on the Whitelist/Blacklist feature located under Settings.
  4. Blacklist. The Blacklist feature allows Admins to block email addresses, domain names, Twitter and Instagram usernames. To block a particular source, go to the Whitelist/Blacklist feature under Settings.
  5. Flagging. This feature allows registered users and anonymous viewers to report objectionable content to the administrators. Users can flag content by clicking the "Flag" button.
  6. Trusted senders. If a user is marked as a “trusted sender” his or her content will always be automatically approved when submitted via web upload. This feature is enabled/disabled in the Portal section located under Settings, and individual users can be designated as trusted senders in the Users section.

Best Practices when auto-approving content

  • Turn on Flagging and set the flag threshold to 1.
  • Blacklist all users who send inappropriate content.
  • Only enable social hashtags or accounts that are specific to your brand and local market.
  • Don't display auto-published channel galleries on your homepage or widgets. Instead, display the Featured Gallery. The featured gallery displays content curated by an administrator.

Best Practices when manually approving content

  • Utilize the Whitelist tool to help auto-publish staff submissions. Include weather watchers, reporters, and trusted senders.
  • Enable portal users (registered member accounts) as Trusted Senders.