Matching Talent to a Project

We match projects to a Certified Freelancer based on the styles indicated in the Creative Brief as well as the following criteria.

  1. Experience (Visually as well as general experience)
  2. Expertise (iconography, illustration, sports, medicine, technology, 2D vs. 3D animation etc.)
  3. Our assessment of the quality of their work.

Because we work hard to find the best team to fit the project's individual needs, projects can take up to 48 hours to assign.

Rest assured everyone will be notified immediately via email when a project is assigned.


 Curious about how we find our talent?


This is how the magic happens...

Whether it be design, writing, animation or project management, creatives need to submit an extensive portfolio in order to become one of our Certified Talents. 

More data means better matches.  

By acquiring information like style, tools, tone, skill sets and experience from our talent base, we have even more data points to cross reference with your desired project outcomes.  The result: an arranged marriage sure to stand the test of a timeline. 


Let’s say you’re looking for a Certified Copywriter with formal training and 5 years of experience writing in an objective and analytic tone.  Or maybe you require the services of a Certified Claymation animator who specializes in Papercraft with a knack for Colorgrading.  No problem. Within 48 hrs we provide you with a team of only those who meet your design goals.


How do we know exactly what it is you’re looking for?  Because you tell us.  Before your project gets underway we ask you to complete a Creative Brief that allows you to outline exactly how you envision your final product.  You can choose to cite examples from the web or provide existing materials from previous campaigns.  In both instances, we invite you to tell us what you thought worked, or didn’t.  In this way the Creative Brief plays an important role in assembling your design team.


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