Invite Writers

Invite writers to your stream to collaborate with team members or invite writers and guest writers to contribute to your stream. Invite a guest writer to hold an informative Q&A session, or invite several writers to give your audience a more holistic view of a Live event.


Dashboard > Create > New Stream


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How to Invite Writers to Your Stream

There are two ways to invite writers to your stream:

  1. During the ‘Create a New Stream’ Process
  2. From Your Stream’s Invite Page

During the ‘Create a New Stream’ Process

From Your Stream

  1. Hover over the Users tab
  2. Click Invite to go to your stream’s Invite Users page. 

Invite Users With Access to Your Live Client Account

Send users with access to Live an email reminder inviting them to your stream:

  1. Scroll down the Users list, or locate a user by name using the filter field.
  2. Click on a user’s name to add the user’s email address into the right column.
  3. Optional: Edit the Body dialog to modify the message you want to send to your selected users.
  4. Click Send Email to send an email notification inviting your selected users to contribute to your stream. 

Invite Writers by Email Address

If the writer you want to invite to contribute to your stream is not a Live user, you can still send them an invite by adding their email address into the right column.

When an invited user clicks on the emailed invite URL, they will be prompted to create a Live user profile, and have access to your stream.

Invite Guest Writers

Invite guest writers to contribute to your content by using the Invite URL. Simply copy the invite URL and send it to your guest writers.

Note: When a guest writer clicks on the invite URL, they will be redirected to Live and prompted to create a user profile to access your stream.