Inserting data of my agency

In this article, we will see how the registration of data from your agency can be done in iClips.

The registration of basic information from your agency is simple, quick and very important in iClips. Check out below how the insertion of these data is done.

iClips allows you to manage multiple CNPJs. To insert the data of your company, the path is settings > agencies. Click on the button in the top right-hand corner to insert a new agency.

The way you fill data out hereafter must be done according to the agency information. Keep in mind that the blanks in red are required. See that in image 1:

Defining patterns

Besides registering basic information from your agency, you can define other important actions.

When selecting items ‘Media Pattern, Proposal Pattern, O.S Pattern and General Pattern’ (image 2), you will determine that these documents will have the CNPJ registered above as a base.

For example: when printing a service order (O.S), iClips will associate the defined CNPJ in this item. Important: this pattern is not definite and it can be edited inside Proposal, Media or O.S.

Another option is to select the employees that are authorized to view financial reports associated to accounts in this agency. That way, in addition to the permissions granted in the registration of each employee, you can also release here that the employee may or may not see financial reports of each CNPJ registered in iClips.

Still in the tab ‘Data’, it is necessary to fill in the field ‘City and State’ to access the tab ‘Invoice and taxes’. There, some information will be registered in case the agency chooses to issue an invoice straight from iClips.

In the tab ‘Data Print’, you can include header information and the logo that goes on the documents generated by the agency, as a proposal, for example.


Filling in data from the agency will be very important in other modules inside iClips, such as: Production, Finance and Reports. Therefore, registering this information is very important.

Still need some help? Just let us know at or in the platform chat and we will give you a hand!