I have duplicate information in the Activity Duration vs. Cost report

If you exported data from your Activity Duration vs. Cost report and noticed duplicate information presence, some tips can help you.

The Activity Duration vs. Cost report is a significant iClips feature to measure productivity within your agency. This document generates a comparison between the time spent on activities and the project's cost. That helps to identify bottlenecks and strategic opportunities in the flows' planning.

This report is powered by:

  • Information registered in the pieces/tasks of a project.
  • Correct use of the timesheet.
  • Value/hour given in the employee register.

These data must be included correctly in the system for you to count on the best performance of this report.

I found duplicate activities, now what?

First step

The first step, in this case, is to analyze which filters you used.

In Activity Duration vs. Cost, you can filter activities from the date they were played/completed:

  • When filtering activities starting from 1/01/2020 until 2/02/2020, you will filter only the activities that were played on those particular days.
  • When filtering activities ending 1/01/2020 until 2/02/2020, you will filter only the activities that were completed on those specific days.
  • When filtering activities starting 2/02/2020 and ending until 2/02/2020, you will filter the activities that were played on the 1st and completed on the 2nd. 

Second step

When confirming that the filters used agree with the data you need to extract, make sure that all information is the same for all employees.

  • Part/task
  • Collaborator
  • Start date and time
  • End date and time
  • Status
  • Value/hour
  • Stage

If there is a discrepancy, it's a sign that some information needed for this report is not inserted correctly. In that case, you may have to check those data very carefully. If the value/hour presented different numbers, you should return to the employee's registration and check if the data was entered correctly (with a start date and end date, if there is more than one).

If all the information is repeated, and the problem is happening with more than one employee, call us at help@rockcontent.com or on the platform chat with prints of the entire screens, and we will help you! =)