How to setup the On Air Application

To complete the On Air Application setup process your station will need to provide Community Content by Live with an on air template. The on air template allows the station to insert a branded background image, which is displayed around the CC inserted images and videos. The background image should be created using the same dimensions as the monitor attached to your station's scan converter. For instance, if the monitor used with the scan converter is set at a resolution of 1920 X 1080, your background images for this product should be 1920 X 1080.

  • The images and videos inserted by CC will live in the center of the screen. The images/video size will be up to 700px tall and maintain the aspect ratio, so some may be wider than others - depending on portrait and landscape views.
  • Make sure to account for the safe text area at the bottom of the screen. Your CC content will not live in this area, but if you have text in your background graphic, it may be cut off.
  • A best practice is to include your CC email address in the background.
  • Make sure your background does not distract the viewer from the images/videos on the screen.
On Air Template Requirements: Please Read Thoroughly

Deliverables 2 Graphics:
  1. A background graphic which matches the resolution of the monitor of the computer attached to the scan converter.
    • When creating the graphic, don't include a cut-out where the image/video should be placed. Since our system retains the original aspect ratio of the images, not all images will be the exactly the same size (portrait vs. landscape).
    • You can determine the monitor's resolution by accessing the display properties from that computer's desktop.
  2. A sample background graphic of what the final product should look like.
    • This graphic needs to include the safe-text area, news ticker, bug placement, and placement of text. (this will be used for design mockup)

If applicable – An overlay background graphic for your lower third. This file must be a transparent .png.


Background Graphic Text Information:

  1. The text field, if any, you would like to map to your graphic - title, description, and user.
  2. The font name, color, and size.
  3. The background graphic theme name


Approval Process/Change Requests: Once these files have been received, your Community Content rep will review the information and reply with any questions or compatibility issues. After the initial design has been created using the mock-up provided by the station, you will have 2 additional rounds of changes. If more changes are needed, they will be billed per round of changes. A round of change occurs once requests have been implemented. 
Additional Templates/Themes: After the initial template has been created and approved, we will create up to 3 additional templates. Generally, stations like to have a template/theme for weather, sports, breaking news, and generic. Therefore, when different content is shown on air, you can utilize the most appropriate theme (background).