How to set up a media map on iClips?

See how easy it is to set up a media map (IO) using iClips.

The media map is a document sent by the agency to the media outlet to reserve a media space according to what will be published or broadcast.

Please note: to set up a media map, you must make sure that the outlets and the price lists are registered correctly. In case an IO has already been filed, the data registered in the price table will not be updated in it. The modification order must be price list > and then the IO.

Shall we continue?

To start your IO, just access the side menu, click on Contracts ⇒ Media Map.

At the following screen, click "+ New Media".

As we can see in the image, to create an IO it is mandatory to associate it with a project and fill in all required data (with the red mark). At this screen, we have a field to select a "Plan", which is used in cases where media planning preceded the IO. When selecting it, iClips collects the information that was added in it.

After filling in this data, the next screen is where we will actually set up the IO. The next step is to include the fields for filling in the IO. For that, click on "+ New item" and enter the requested information.

After that, the insertion field is cleared to fill the dates. iClips shows you the dates that are correctly filled in the IO according to the price table registration in different colors: those that appear in yellow mean that they are in accordance with the registered table, while those that appear in red are not. This does not prevent you from marking the dates that appear in red, it is just an information about the date insertion that are filled in the price list.

After filling all entries, we will define how the IO billing will be.

Understanding the media map billing:

  • Negotiated value: is the gross value of the IO (media total)
  • Default discount: is the percentage of commission (usually 20%)
  • Negotiated standard discount: it is the percentage of commission that remains at the agency (usually the same percentage as the standard discount).
  • Negotiated value: value that goes to the agency.
  • Net value: value that is transferred to the media outlet.

With everything filled in correctly, just save the IO and link to a proposal.

Is it possible to link this IO to a "Media Planning"?

YES! Remember that to be able to do this, it is necessary that the planning is "Approved" in a proposal.

Doing this is simple. Just click on the "Select a Schedule" option in the pop-up that opens when we click on the "+ New Media" button.

Note: When the way a media map is filled does not correspond with the demand, you can create the best filling option with "Other Types of Media". Anything that deviates from the iClips standard can be adjusted here.

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