How to send information to CENP via iClips

CENP-Meios (Conselho Executivo das Normas-Padrão) is an indicator that regularizes media purchases made by certified agencies in Brazil. With iClips, the process of sending information to CENP becomes much simpler, and can be done entirely within the system.

In addition to all the information being correctly entered in the system, for the file to be generated in the correct way, the CENP communication medium needs to be filled there in the media outlet registration. Without this, the file will be empty.

Having all the information filled in correctly, here's how to perform this process:

1) The first thing to be done is to ask CENP to send the file with the necessary parameters for sending via iClips.

2) With the file in hand, you need to identify the following information:

  • Shipping address
  • Agency ID
  • User
  • password
  • Key32
  • KeyIV
  • Key63

3) Now, you need to go to Contracts > IO > XML CENP Meios


4) Once this is done, you need to fill in the information according to the parameters sent by CENP in the pop-up window:


5) As soon as you fill in this information and click "Ok", a file will be downloaded to your computer; it will be the one you need to attach in the next step. Do not edit the name of this file, since the code in its name is already standardized for submission.

6) In this new pop-up window, in addition to attaching the file downloaded in the previous step, you must fill in the information correctly.

7) Once this is done, just click "Ok" and wait for the confirmation message.

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