How to rank your clients

Through this report, you will be able to analyze your most profitable customers.

The Client Ranking Report is an excellent source of information for the agency to assess the relationship with its clients. There, you can view, among other information, the best clients in a given period from downloaded launches or financial projections, for example.

With this report it is possible to make a relationship between the number of hours worked and the cost of work. It is also possible to analyze through the ranking filter the billing and commission values each client brings to the agency. It is easier to see if a particular client is being profitable or not.

To find out, go to Reports > B.I. > Client Ranking. The screen will open blank. To generate results, you need to fill the search filters:

Note that, in addition to choosing the period, you can create a ranking of the best and worst customers, including or not the group data. You can also generate results based only on incoming or receivable items.

After setting up the search, the system will display 4 graphs. The first two list the top 10 clients in relation to the revenue they bring.

Through this, it is possible to see how much each client invests in the agency and the percentage this represents in the total billing.

Ideally, no client should present such a high percentage, as their departure can represent a great risk to the financial health of the agency. A balanced revenue among clients is the recommended scenario.

The following two graphs will rank clients based on the volume of hours worked and the cost of those hours;

After this screen, you will see information in a list format in decreasing order of billing. The table shows the billing information, agency commission, total invested and percentage of total billing. The other columns provide data on hours worked and labor cost in numbers and percentages.

The profitability column allows you to assess how profitable that client is or is not. There, the manager can compare how much he receives from the client and how much that client costs to the agency and assess whether it is time to increase the value of the contract or its conditions. It may be that most of the hours spent with the client are in reworking, so perhaps the solution is to sign a maximum number of changes per service and charge for requests that exceed this limit.

You can print the report in PDF or generate the Excel version. For this, use the icons:

Use this report to track billing generated with your clients monthly and annually.