How to issue reports of projects carried out at the agency

The Projects Report is very important for the agency to analyze what it has accomplished in a certain period for a specific client, for example.

It is possible to analyze the status of the projects through a comparative graph, a list of projects and also the details of each one.


To generate results, you need to filter the data in the advanced search field.

Click on the arrow next to the keyword search and choose the filters. It is possible to filter by client, piece, date, service or job, for example.

After completing the search, the system will display the data in the form of a graph, table and details. To access each piece of information, use the navigation resources on the left.

  • Graph: the graph will show the percentage that each status represents the total jobs in that period. It is possible to check how many jobs were cancelled or were on a commercial proposal and analyze what measures can be taken by the team to reduce these rates.

  • Projects: in this tab, you will have a list of jobs with their date of entry and completion, service and status of the job. By clicking on a job, it opens to show details.

  • Detail: in the list display, when you click on one of the jobs, that click takes you to the job details, which will be categorized by tabs. There, you can see briefing information, client profile, pieces, tasks and PIs, among others.

By clicking on the piece (or any item referring to the tab you are on), iClips opens an area on the right of the screen, where you can do some editing.

It is possible to print the reports in PDF or generate the Excel version. To do this, use these icons:

Use this report to have a collection of everything that was done in a given job on a single screen.

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